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Work Order Chart

Work Order Chart

Work Order Software

Basic Work Order Capability

A good work order software system provides the ability to create any type of work order. This could be preventive maintenance work orders, repair orders, project work and more. Additionally the ability to convert a repair ticket (work request) into a full work order is a useful, time-saving feature. Create a simple work order from two fields (equipment and task) or a comprehensive work order that may includes pictures, files and videos as needed. Actually any document-type file may be attached and then automatically printed. Add up to 2 GB of text details to each work order. Detailed instructions may be copy/pasted, drag and drop, manually typed or inserted automatically from an MS Word or Rich Text document.

Extended Work Order Capabilities

Automatically print or email work orders. Link unlimited employees and parts to work orders as needed. Use work order templates (boiler-plate copies of existing work orders) to create new identical work orders automatically from schedules, meters and other triggers. For example: create work orders automatically based upon date/time, weekday/time, day of month/time, x count of days, or by meters.

Examples of calendar-based triggers for a work order could be:

  • Every Sunday at 8:00 AM print all preventative maintenance task lists assigned for this week to the shop printer.
  • Every weekday morning at 7:00 AM email a list the work requests from the previous day.
  • Create a new work order and email it to one or more recipients on the 15th of each month at 4:45 PM to service the air filters for office A/C.
  • On Monday compile a list of equipment down time from the previous weekend where the time down > 5 minutes. Insert into a report with chart and print to plant manager’s printer at 7:59 AM before morning meeting.

Meters may be a unit of anything you want. An example of a meter triggered work order could be Replace Oil and Filter triggered by either every 6 months or every 6000 mile, whichever come first.

This work order software system provides a quick and easy way to use parts for a work order and even provide a combined or separate parts list for work orders created from work order templates (boiler plates of existing work orders).

Work orders easily link inventory spare parts, link to meters, schedules and/or OPC (OLE for Process Control) compliant data for automatic work request/order creation. OPC is the default protocol for communication between PLCs, HMIs, MMIs and other equipment in the factory environment.

work order software

Work Order

Track work any way you want with this flexible work request/order system. There are only two (2) required fields for work orders. There are seven (7) ways to create work orders in MaintSmart. The work order screen, like all screens in MaintSmart is consistently laid out so that the learning curve for maximal use of the CMMS program is minimized. Work request/order history provides reports for status change, labor hours, parts, overall cost and more.

Web-Based Work Orders

Web-based work orders/work requests are submitted into the same database as MaintSmart Enterprise but entered through a web portal. The MaintSmart Web Work Request module provides this capability and is especially useful in an environment where many work requestors need access to the system for this specific purpose. More information on web-based work orders is available.