Reliability Analysis CMMS Software

Reliability Analysis Reporting

MaintSmart CMMS Software is the only CMMS system that implements reliability analysis as part of the base software package. MaintSmart uses military standard reliability analysis to calculate Failure Rate and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Additionally MaintSmart uses reliability analysis to build the effective and efficient PM lists by comparing PM interval to the MTBF and suggesting appropriate PM task intervals to circumvent failures while also maximizing the efficiency maintenance resources. Complexity of the reliability algorithms are completely hidden from the maintenance manager. The maintenance manager is presented with simple to understand and easy to use information that will make your equipment last longer and make your maintenance operation more efficient. By tracking unexpected equipment failures and then using reliability analysis to determine their frequency and impact your maintenance management operation will be improved with fewer breakdowns and more efficient use of company resources. Reliability analysis report data may be exported directly to Excel with two button-clicks. A chart is also automatically created with this export.

reliability analysis cmms software

CMMS software with reliability analysis

More Reliability Analysis Options

Reliability analysis results in the values: Failure Rate and MTBF. Failure rate reveals which direction the rate of failure is going with regards to specific equipment. Is the rate of failure increasing, decreasing or remaining static? This valuable information is obtained from equipment failure data and expected equipment run time data within the MaintSmart database. By understanding the direction of failure rate (increasing or decreasing) the maintenance manager has the ability to allocate resources and base important maintenance decisions on real data.

MaintSmart analyzes equipment reliability in 10 different ways. MaintSmart CMMS software lets you define a failure. Include equipment failures of any duration or only include failures that last more than a defined duration (For example: 5 minutes). This give the maintenance manager good control over what is included in the reliability analysis report by excluding minor instances of equipment failure and focusing on the more important break downs that are costing your organization seriuos money.