Purchase Order Software

 Purchase Order Software

CMMS for purchasing management

Purchase Order for Inventory

Purchase order software integrated into MaintSmart CMMS software provides a means for managing all aspects of a maintenance management operation with one software application. MaintSmart offers a purchasing system is flexible by providing the user with a way to purchase through a formal process or an informal process. Permissions set for user groups make this possible. There are several groups of popular permissions already defined in the software package, however these may be adjusted to fit your individual needs and unlimited new groups of permissions may be created as well.

The following permissions may be assigned to user groups in any combination:

  • Create request for quote
  • Create purchase requisition
  • Approve line items on an existing requisition (up to 6 levels based upon cost of item and may require multiple electronic signatures)
  • Create a purchase order
  • Receive parts on a purchase order
  • Pay invoices
  • Use parts from stock (technically this is not a purchasing permission)

A couple of examples of how these permissions may be used could be:

A condition where one person controls the entire purchasing process. This would be the least secure method but is certainly feasible is some maintenance operations.

purchase order software automates purchasing

CMMS purchase order software interfaces with OPC compliant PLC

  • One trusted purchasing agent has permission to create purchase orders directly without requisition or approval.
  • This same purchasing agent can also receive the parts they purchase

At the other end of the security spectrum all roles within purchasing system could be given to separate users. This would be an example of the most secure method. Keep in mind any combination of permissions may be assigned.

  • User A can create a request for quote.
  • User B obtains the quoted pricing from the vendor and can create a requisition form this quote.
  • User C and User D are needed to approve the quote items for purchase.
  • User E can release a purchase order number to the vendor.
  • User F receives the items into stock from this purchase order.



purchase order report

Purchase Order Analysis and Reporting

Purchases may be analyzed and reported on in several ways. Purchasing data may be exported to Excel and user defined queries may be created by drag and drop (click on thumbnail to the left). This data is immediately available for charting within the OLAP tool. Charting provides a quick view of how account budgets are being used in the given time period. Purchasing reports displaying outstanding purchase orders, closed purchase orders, back-ordered item and more are available.

purchase order software charts

Purchase Order Analysis Chart

Numerous utility reports also may be useful. Received item can have corresponding barcode labels created form the purchasing screen immediately upon receipt of these items. Other utility reports such as receiving clerk signing off on received amount and stock location reports may be created immediately upon receipt of items making it simple to restock the item promptly and consistently. As with our other CMMS products this system has full support available.