Preventive Maintenance Strategies

Preventive Maintenance Software

There are at least two different preventive maintenance strategies to consider when building your PM system

1.) Should PM tasks be entered as separate records?

2.) Should all PM tasks for given equipment be entered as one record or a few records that contain perhaps many individual procedures?

The answer depends upon what data you would like to receive from the system and how detailed (or not) you want your PM system to be.

Some users of the MaintSmart system prefer to enter PMs such as ’30-Day PMs’ for a particular equipment item then add all the procedures line by line to the Details part of the PM. This can also be accomplished by simply copy/paste the OEM manual instructions or link it to the PM. This is a quick way to get the PM system up and running but will seriously lack the ability to analyze each procedure later.

The other way to enter PMs is to enter each as a separate line (with details attached to each line if needed). Each line would contain a general task description. For example (Check/Replace Drive Chain as Needed). The details would contain all the various procedures associated with this general task description. The benefit of this is that the shorter text string contained by the general task description may be later queried and reported on easily whereas the details would not.