Maintenance CMMS Software Training

Introductory Maintenance CMMS Software Training Videos

We offer free maintenance CMMS software training to all trial users absolutely free. This training covers all aspect of the system if needed. This includes work orders, downtime analysis, purchase order software system, inventory management, preventative maintenance, overall equipment effectiveness, reliability analysis and all of the new features included in version 5.0.

  • Online CMMS software training customized to your business. We can even use your data or build a new database for your company during the training session.
  • Offsite training. Come to the beautiful Oregon coast for training at our state of the art training center.
  • Onsite training. We’ll come to your location to train. As always all training is customized to your particular need and specifically for your maintenance management operation.

Our training methods include the following:

It is recommended that the CMMS software training videos 1-3 are videos viewed first.

  • The first introduction video provides instruction on logging into MaintSmart and other MaintSmart basics.
  • The second introduction video instructs on basic work orders.
  • The third introduction video instructs on preventative maintenance task lists.
  • The Basic Work Order Creation video cover beginning work order creation and printing.
  • The Equipment Failure Analysis video instructs on analysis of unexpected equipment down time, breakdown and equipment failure. Additionally this video introduces the Excel (OLE Automation) feature available on all analysis screens in MaintSmart and the powerful OLAP (online analytical processing) tool available on all screens for the purpose of creating drag and drop user defined queries and charts.
  • For more free training videos contact MaintSmart for additional unpublished links.
CMMS training Video 1

MaintSmart CMMS training introduction video 1/3. Duration: 8:43.

work order cmms software training

MaintSmart CMMS training introduction video 2/3. Duration: 7:00.

preventative maintenance cmms software training

MaintSmart CMMS training introduction video 3/3. Duration: 8:13.

cmms work orders

MaintSmart training video on basic work order creation. Duration: 3:42.

cmms software training for downtime

Equipment failure analysis (down time). This instructs on the query tool, exporting to Excel and basic use for the OLAP tool.

CMMS Support

In addition, we provide full support to all trial software users for free. This support includes toll-free CMMS support from the USA or Canada. Email, phone and Skype support are available during normal business hours.

free cmms software training videos

Free CMMS Training Videos