Maintenance CMMS Software Pricing

Maintenance CMMS software pricingMaintenance CMMS Software Pricing

How fast can you receive a 100% ROI on your equipment maintenance CMMS software if you have  answers to the below questions?

  • Is an equipment item failing more or less often during a specific time period?
  • How long can an equipment item be expected to function before the next failure?
  • What are the chances a specific equipment item will fail due to a specific cause during a specified time period?
  • What is the preventive maintenance percentage of completion for a technician, line, manufacturing process or department?

Limited time special introductory pricing on 1-4 user licenses for new MaintSmart users includes the following:

  • Two (2) hours web training/consulting to get you started.
  • Two (2) months extended support (includes free upgrades and toll-free phone support (USA/Canada).

Call now for equipment maintenance CMMS software pricing 1.888.398.0450 (toll-free U.S.A./Canada), +1.541.751.0450. Skype: ‘maintsmart’ or Email .

Licensing Options: There are several ways to acquire and use MaintSmart. These options are briefly described below. To see any or all of these options in action with our data or your data call us and schedule a free personalized web demonstration.

MaintSmart Enterprise CMMS software may be licensed for stand-alone or multi-user installations. Licensing requires execution of a license agreement that also includes the licensee warranty. This is done when you install the CMMS software through the installation program.

MaintSmart CMMS Software Comparison of Products

Below is a listing of the various CMMS software products that are currently offered by MaintSmart. The default licensing is per-seat. Site and corporate licenses are bid on a case-by-case basis.

  • MaintSmart Cloud provides concurrent licensing, all server and database requirements are provided as well as all updates for one low price.
  • MaintSmart Web Work Requestor provides an very ecomonical way to have many users access the MaintSmart system for the puposes of repair tickets, work orders, equipment failure logging and inventory searches through a web browser.
  • Stand-alone: Please call or email for pricing. With proper use this small investment should easily be recovered within the first 30 days. The MaintSmart files that store your data may be installed on one workstation or on a file server, but the program files may only be installed on one workstation. The program can have multiple users, each with their own sign-on names and passwords.
  • Multi-user: Call or email for special pricing for multi-users. The files that store your data may be installed on a file server or in a shared folder on a workstation. The program files may be installed on any number of workstations, but used concurrently by no more than the number of persons specified in the license agreement. These prices are based on the program’s data residing at a single location. A firm with multiple locations that each wish to maintain their own database would have to purchase a separate license for each location based on the number of users at each.

Examples of MaintSmart CMMS Pricing

The below pricing is for the Full MaintSmart Enterprise 5.0 system with no limitations or extra modules to purchase and no subscription costs or required reoccurring costs of any type.

  • Single user concurrent license: May be installed on one computers with one active user: $995.00.
  • Three concurrent user license: May be installed on five computers with three active users: $3642.00.

Please call for additional CMMS pricing (Stand-Alone, Web Requestor, Cloud, Enterprise, Site or Corporate): +1-541-751-0450 for an equipment maintenance CMMS software pricing comparison.  Or email: . Skype ID ‘maintsmart’.