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Inventory Management Software Capabilities

inventory management audit report

Inventory Management Audit Report

Inventory management software is essential in tracking equipment maintenance costs, reducing down time and reducing cost inefficiencies. MaintSmart CMMS Software tracks parts usage linking parts to why the part was used (work order, equipment failure or preventative maintenance), who used the part and what equipment item the part was used on. When parts are used the quantity automatically decrements as expected. Additionally returning a part to stock by “un-using” it increments the quantity. Multiple parts may be selected at one time and used against a work order or other reason. MaintSmart CMMS performs other inventory management software functions too such as:

  • Physical Inventory Audit
  • Cycle Count Audit with ABC Analysis (MaintSmart 5.0+)
  • Lead Time
  • Re-Order Quantity
  • Re-Order Level
  • Bar code search and part check-out
  • Eight (8) open user-defined text fields
  • Countless reports
  • Unlimited file attachments to parts of any file type
  • Drag and drop query designer for data cube reporting
  • High speed searching and filtering capability to locate the exact part in seconds
  • Direct export to Excel or web page with two (2) button clicks
  • Parts grouping by Part Groups or by linking to physical equipment
  • Automatic parts usage (work orders and PMs)
  • Below minimum stock alert
  • Critical part assignment
  • Graphical Inventory Tree View

MaintSmart inventory management software manages any size inventory without limits. Multiple location may have separate inventory stores in MaintSmart each managing their own physical spare part stock. Three different ways to search parts inventory are extremely fast and reliable.

Inventory Management Tree View Display

inventory management tree view

Inventory Management Tree View Functional Display

The inventory tree view provides a graphical interface of all parts grouped by Part Group, Preferred Vendor or Inventory Location. The inventory tree view also provides drag and drop purchase requisitions.

Inventory Barcode Labels

inventory management software

Inventory Management Software with Barcode Label

Bar codes may be printed in a sheet format in three (3) different sizes. Additionally bar codes may be printed as single label using a common Dymo labeler. Barcodes assist in checking out parts and for performing inventory audit. MaintSmart manages its own barcode database. MaintSmart uses the common Code39 barcode font that is universally accepted in manufacturing and other business applications.