Equipment Hierarchy

With MaintSmart you may separate data by top-level entity. Here is a document that explains the MaintSmart (three-dimensional) equipment hierarchy. No other CMMS offers the flexibility of this type of hierarchy.

Here are some possible examples of a top-level entity:

  • Plant in a manufacturing environment Using Process>>Line and Work Area/Location as hierarchy levels.
  • School building in a school district.
  • Building in a multi-building property management situation
  • A make/model of vehicle in a fleet maintenance operation

Most of the time MaintSmart users do not define more than one top-level entity, though we have users that have defined as many as 20+ top-level entities as a way of isolating data stores for each building in a building maintenance operation.

Each top-level entity contains levels that can be named by you as appropriate for your maintenance operation, equipment, personnel, inventory, etc.

MaintSmart compartmentalizes data into top-level entities if needed. Manage up to nine hundred separate manufacturing plants or other user-defined entities from one program and one database.