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This page is about CMMS software.

Phone: Toll-Free in the U.S. 1-888-398-0450. Outside the U.S. +1-541-751-0450.
Address: 66164 Homestead Rd., North Bend, OR, USA 97459
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About CMMS Software

About CMMS Software

Daniel Cook, Vice-President of MaintSmart CMMS Software, Inc., has over 43 years combined experience in plant maintenance and computer software development. His experience includes the use of several of the top CMMS software (computerized maintenance management system) programs in a manufacturing environment. One of these CMMS programs cost over $1,000,000. Mr. Cook found most of these programs lacking in features and functionality. Many of these systems require the user to purchase a separate module for each function. Most importantly many of these systems used cryptic codes and were so difficult to use that eventually user stopped accessing them rendering them useless.

These experiences led to the development of MaintSmart beginning in 1996. MaintSmart Software, Inc. grows modestly every year and currently has users in 40 countries. This is largely due to the fact that MaintSmart is completely translatable into any language. Most of our development over the past 15 years has been in response to user input and suggestion. Approximately 50 of our competitors go out of business annually and approximately 50 new ones replace them. MaintSmart CMMS software is a stable company who will be here when you need us.

We are located on the southern Oregon Coast and has active distributors in Kenya, Egypt, Philippines, Taiwan, Nigeria, Iraq and Malaysia.

About Our Software: MaintSmart 4.1 – 5.0 Enterprise

Unlike other CMMS’ MaintSmart analyzes the data in every conceivable way. MaintSmart also uses reliability analysis to guide you towards effective preventive maintenance task lists. Other analysis tools include flexible SQL queries that are simple enough for the novice CMMS user to benefit from and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Reporting is extensive and every data set may be exported to Excel or a web page with two button-clicks. Reporting also includes extensive down time reporting and percent preventive maintenance completion reports. Online analytical processing OLAP data cubes) provide another powerful reporting and analysis tools not found in any CMMS. MaintSmart 5.0 now also includes a work scheduler similar to Microsoft Project.

MaintSmart Enterprise is available for SQL Server or an Access-based back end database. The enterprise version of MaintSmart also supports an optional Web Work Requestor module. MaintSmart Cloud is the full MaintSmart Enterprise system on the Cloud. This platform works well with desk-top and tablet devices.